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Car-B-Que's  is a green company that takes Vintage 4 Door Automobiles and creates a complete dining
experience out of them. Rescuing cars and the art form that makes a car so unique…saving them from the crusher…but getting them off the road. These cars become trailers, are portable and can be set up easily in minutes.
Ready to cook!

• No two Car-B-Que's are alike, each one different in its own way,
make, year, model.
• Combining  Hot Rods and Bar-B-Que's.
• Gives new meaning to 'There's a FIRE UNDER THE HOOD!"
• For sale or rent, available for Customer Appreciation Days, Corporate
Picnics, Grand Openings, Parties (and whatever you can think of).
• Or if you have a donor car we can build yours  for you.

 Contact Dave Anton…818-636-3796
Palmdale, California